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Our Products
IQN provides streaming market data, analysis and trading solutions for desktop, web, mobile and tablets. The desktop products provides real-time quotes, advanced charting and analysis whereas products for mobile and tablets allows the flexibility to access the information while on the move.
These products are designed to support several data sources in order to access financial information and analyze trading opportunities from a single solution. Brokerage firms can leverage their market data and content by adding our powerful charting and analytical solutions to their trading platforms. Our broker neutral advanced trading platform provides online execution to worldwide markets covering multiple asset classes. Our fully customizable front-to-back office online trading platform provides powerful solution for foreign exchange brokers and market makers.

Our Services
IQN offers a diverse range of services and solutions for private investors, institutional investors, proprietary trading and brokerage firms through its divisions IQN Interactive and IQN Invest.
IQN Interactive delivers real-time, delayed, snapshot and end of the day content and data feeds covering major markets worldwide. The data is delivered through customized market data and analytical solutions as well as using the pre-defined tools. Apart from developing solutions for internal requirements, this division offers host of enterprise business solutions such as developing customized market data, analytical and trading platforms.
IQN Invest offers global execution and clearing services as an Independent Introducing Broker to leading brokerage and clearing firms. These services are offered to private investors, proprietary trading firms and institutional investors.

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